"The TODAY of Business Automation."

Intelligence for each stage of your business.


our seed program guides your idea to market by providing the tracks to run on


we utilize strategy to determine outcome instead of relying on costly split testing


sales revenue is our objective. by making ventures self funding you retain equity


monetization leads to higher profitability. our network provides demand and supply


less time spent on business operation allows more time spent on innovation

  • Finding others who care as much about your business as you do is the business we're in. We care, we plan, we perform. As it's known in the cybernetic community... "We're not in software, our business is results."

  • As we enter into a cybernetic automated economy, our network and technology is the frontrunner in powering the distribution for entrepreneurial operations around the globe.

  • As an entrepreneur your needs are constantly changing making it seem like the work is never done. Like you we are entrepreneurs and like you we know how tough it can be with the weight of it all on your shoulders. Over the last decade we have developed technologies that allow us to automate the marketing, selling and supporting of our entire sales volume. This technology and internal network will be available for lease to qualified partners beginning December 21st 2014 ~ Discover our products, request demo & become a beta II partner today.

State of the Art

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    Targeted Promotion

    Our affiliate marketing teams allow your brand to become recognized in the marketplace at greater speeds and distances.

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    Cybernetic Sales

    A sale is made or lost the same way every time. With high end relationship based sales being our specialty, we automate how a sale is made.

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    Sales Management

    High volume sales sounds appealing until you have more support than you can handle, our intelligent systems turn overwhelming into ease of operation.

We could say; that no other technology on the market does what we can do... instead we'd like to show you.